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Asset Disposal


Asset Disposal

Pointwest Equipment has an ongoing commitment to provide the best possible service for the disposal of surplus plant and equipment. Covering all industries, including but not limited to; Construction, Farming, Transport & Marine, we are able to provide an effective asset disposal service for most companies in the market today.


Asset disposal through Pointwest is a start to finish service. Pointwest effectively markets and sells surplus assets, as they are, and where they are. This process is hassle free and causes little or no disruption to the daily running of your business. Our clients have the added benefit of not having to mobilize their surplus assets to an off-site location to be sold, and not having to completely forfeit the utilization of their assets while they are being marketed.


Pointwest conducts business in a transparent manner. We aim to provide clear and accurate communication with relevant and useful information throughout the dealing process. We encourage and practice complete honesty and forthrightness in all situations.


We adhere to a fixed range of fees for our services. Our fees are up front, with no hidden or built in charges. We do not alter our fees opportunistically, and we do not “double dip.” When our services are employed for asset disposal, our fees are paid by the seller. When our services are employed for Procurement, our fees are paid by the buyer. We never charge both sides of the transaction.


We conduct business face to face whenever possible. Whether meeting sellers, inspecting equipment, or showing potential buyers over equipment, we make every effort to be there in person.


Pointwest is committed to quality advertising. We have an ongoing investment in a comprehensive advertising program that includes, all the major web-based advertising companies, several major printed publications, and selected smaller advertising companies. We have an ever-growing database of qualified machine buyers that we market to directly

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